Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Challenge Me May!

        This is the first post in my Challenge Me series! In case you missed my other post you can check it out here. This series is all about me and the little goals I make for myself to be a better me! This month my challenge is to stop procrastinating!  I have always had a problem with time management.  I focus on the things I like to do and completely put off the things that I dislike.  It's a problem.  Especially now that I'm working full time! I don't want my job to get in the way of my wife duties and I do not want Joey or my wonderful furbabies to suffer because I don't have time to spend with them! So for May I have decided to make a huge effort to stop procrastinating. No more sleeping in past my alarm, No more pushing the not so fun things to the last minute, and definitely no more wasting time on unproductive Netflix marathons! (sorry pretty little liars, i'll miss you!) From now on I will keep my planner close and keep checking off that to-do list.  Wish me luck! And stay tuned for my progress! 


What do you do to stay on task?

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