Thursday, April 4, 2013


     We've definitely caught spring fever around here.  Unfortunately I am not very good with plants.  I try really hard, but I generally end up killing them.  Joey has a wonderful way of inspiring me to be better and encouraging me to try when I think I can't do something.  Last weekend he drug me to our local hardware store, I say drug because usually when we go he slowly walks through every single aisle stopping every three minutes because he has a crazy complicated exciting project in mind.  He's just plain wonderful.  And even though it drives me CRAZY sometimes, I adore his creative side.
Anyway, this time we went straight to the garden section.  He loves plants.  SO we decided to get a few plants for our patio.  Hopefully I can keep this batch alive! 

Mini helped us plant them!
She likes to stand like a person.
I have had two white pots from ikea and a red one from target for a few months now. 
They made lovely homes for my new succulents!
Fletcher decided to get in there and help too. He's a bit camera shy.
     Our patio has never looked better! I wish I could keep these inside but our apartment just does not get very much natural light and I doubt they would do well. Next apartment hunt I will most definitely pay more attention to light!! 

What are your favorite plants to have around your home?


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