Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pinspiration: May

    Just a few of my favorite Pins!

1. I've been on the hunt FOR YEARS for the perfect soft sugar cookie recipe. And ^ that one looks EXTREMELY promising! Stay tuned I will be trying it very very soon! 

2. Joey and I are currently planning our next photoshoot! Poor Joey. I love having our picture taken so much that we do it multiple times a year! This will be our "redeployment" shoot. And i'm thinking that it will include more fun relaxed photos like ^ this. 

3. I've been looking everywhere for a great lip scrub recipe! I'll be trying this one out ^ this week! It includes coconut oil!

4. I love DIY calendars! This ^ one looks like it would be WONDERFUL for my blog! 

5. I try to surprise Joey with something every time he returns from a long training trip. A wall full of heart shaped love notes is in his near future!! 

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Are you addicted to pinterest too?

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