Monday, April 15, 2013

Pray for Boston

     I am a runner.  I have run many shorter races.  I'm currently training for my first half marathon.  I know the amazing, empowering feeling that you get when you cross that finish line.  I can imagine exactly how it would feel to finish a marathon for the first time.  The feeling of I DID IT or I EARNED IT.  Those feelings I know all too well.
     What I can't  even begin to imagine is crossing that finish line only to have it blow up.  That thought sends chills through my spine.  Right now my thoughts and prayers are centered on the people of Boston.  My mind is full of questions.  How could anyone wreck such an amazing event.  How could anyone have the need to destroy so many lives for no reason?
     The reality is there are bad people out there.  Really evil bad people.  And those people are going to hurt other people no matter how many gun laws or public safety regulations are in place.  It's up to the good people in the world to off set the bad.  God bless the first responders and the people that rushed to help the injured today.  And my prayers go to everyone effected by this complete tragedy.


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